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Bring Our Music Back, Inc. dedicates itself to fostering youth artistic development through the development of community music venues and performance opportunites providing the following artistic enrichment program initiatives and music therapy programs.

Artist Mentorships and Music Scholarships

We pair aspiring talent with seasoned artists in our mentorship programs for support, advice, guidance, musical master classes, performance exposure and opportunities. Elementary school-aged children and teens thrive under the seasoned guidance of our artist mentors with the goal of first inspiring, nurturing and developing exposure to music.

Your support will help fund the following artist mentorships and scholarships for our youth in targeted statewide communities both in underserved urban centers and through established underfunded programs throughout the state.  Critical need is determined by our board of advisors in the community arts who have identified area in need of our mentor programs and scholarships to help restore and rebuild music appreciation---supporting student talent that might otherwise go undeveloped. With your targeted support, we are working independently with these schools to rebuild & restore music programs.  

 Music Enrichment and Education Programs

Funding for art education has been cut drastically in most public schools. We develop and support independent music enrichment programs offered as an adjunct to school music curriculums. Our current programs offer presentations of music heritage, music appreciation and an introduction to diverse genres of music giving students a solid foundation of music.  In 2011/12, retired and revered Lyme/Old Lyme High School Humanities teacher—Charles Wolf, has developed a Music appreciation and cultural heritage program entitled…. “ Our American Music Cultural Heritage Appreciation” course offered in conjunction with  Bring Our Music Back, Inc as a adjunct to current community high school music programs.  Our program meets curriculum guidelines required through the State of Connecticut, and will be offered to regional high schools in the Winter of 2012.  


Funding of many School  Band Programs has been cut severely and year to year sustainable programs are at risk. With your support, our goal is to help rebuild the band program through instrument procurement, uniforms, field trips, music books and tools . . . independent funding for band development administered by Bring Our Music Back, Inc. In 2011, we have identified The New London High School Music Program to be the recpient of our 4th quarter grant awards.                                                                                             


We support live performances within the healthcare system and thus, it has become a powerful tool in many music therapy programs.  In 2011, we are working with two of our supporting artists Ms. Christine Ohlman of Saturday Night Live Band and Dan Stevens to develop a music therapy program for Hospice of Connecticut, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, Norwich Hospital and Middlesex Hospital. Working with Hospital therapists and administrators over the next year… it is our goal to increase our program support to major hospitals by the end of 2011.  Last year, we donated over $10,000 to the Children’s Medical Center in support of their music therapy program.

Restoration and Development of Live Community Music Venues 

Our goal is to partner with like-minded arts organizations with missions that support music and arts development of urban centers, schools and communities bringing music awareness to these centers enriching exposure to the performing musical arts. We are developing an instrument procurement program for under funded music programs in our communites making the tools of music more obtainable and accessible to our youth and school programs.

We develop concert venues to bring LIVE music back to Main Street, Parks and Town Greens. Our goal is to develop youth music camps and annual music seminars to bring the community youth enrichment programs to strengthen the cultural fabric of our communities. 

Together with your support . . . we are MUSIC WITH PUPOSE and we can all make a difference in the developing lives of kids  through music one note at a time !

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